Yang Jing is one of many full-time, professional “love hunters” tasked with locating sexy single ladies to date her multi-millionaire and billionaire clients.

Every morning around 10:30am, Jing drives to the high-end shopping malls of Beijing in search of young women between the ages of 22 to 28 who are intelligent, easygoing and no taller than 5’8”. Women who fit all of the above qualifications are considered A-class, while women who fit all but one qualification are B-class. Any lower is unacceptable.

Jing’s goal is to locate at least two B or higher class women per day. Once she spots a potential match, she begins the process by briefly introducing herself, explaining what she’s doing and then, if the woman is interested, taking down basic information and obtaining a photo.

She tries to only target women who are alone, but sometimes she’ll find a woman who looks “like a model,” but is shopping with friends. Unfortunately, this scenario tends to always end badly.

“Even close friends can be jealous of each other,” Jing told China Daily. “When I speak to one of the two [or more], the other may feel hurt and the conversation can hardly continue.”

Jing sometimes even follows a woman into the ladies’ room. Surprisingly, this tactic has proven quite successful thus far. I guess the intimate surroundings of a public bathroom allow women to more easily bond.

Regardless, if a woman passes the initial encounter, she is then scheduled for a face-to-face interview in which she, according to China daily, must bring her college transcript, ID card and proof that she’s not married. Plus she must dress appropriately and be prepared to explain her educational, family and romantic background in strict detail.

So, are any ladies in the audience interested in being recruited by a ‘love hunter’? Beware that Jing and her peers are awfully picky. In fact, Jing once rejected a gorgeous beauty simply because the sassy lady enjoyed playing mahjong. “I cannot risk introducing a gambler to clients,” explained Jing.

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