Attention all lovers of fine and sexy Asian women. Do you ever wish you could share every moment of your day with an oriental beauty? Then look no further because today I introduce to you the Hot Girls Clock, better known in Japan as the Bijin Tokei.

Bijin Tokei is a Japanese/English website that features a luscious beauty holding up a sign with the current time of day plastered on it. The picture alternates every single minute, although the specific beauty or model tends to remain the same for anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes.

The site also offers their service as an iPhone application for $2.99. Google and Macintosh widgets are available as well, but we’re unsure if they come at a cost or are entirely free.

Since its launch in December 2009, Bijin Tokei has amassed over 2.5 billion page views, making it what JapanTrends refers to as a “big success.”

Plus Bijin Tokei has inspired a plethora of imitators such as Gal Tokei and, for the Ladies, Binan Tokei!

Below is a neat slideshow of the Bijin Tokei. Check it out.

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