Japan is a somewhat unusual nation with a penchant for oddities like blowup dolls, canned-bread vending machines and wacky phone booths. The Japanese apparently also like urine, because they’ve just invented a robotic dog that walks and pees.

Up for preorder at the Japan Trend Shop is the Peeing Dog, a robotic toy dog designed to replicate the behavior of a dog with a full bladder. Upon being wound up, it walks, stops, raises its hind leg, takes a pee and then repeats from the beginning until it’s fully unwound.

If you’re repulsed, then don’t feel bad. Even dog lovers cringe at the thought of wiping up dog urine, yet the Japanese feel compelled to take everything to the next level. That’s what makes them such an avant-garde people.

The Peeing Dog will be released on July 5, but can be preordered for only $34.00, plus $18.00 shipping & handling. Mind you, for the same price, you could probably just adopt a dog off craigslist!

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