A cannon-wielding farmer from central China has transformed his home into a fortress of sorts to fend off government agents bent on taking control of his property.

Hostile evictions are nothing new in China. Several months ago, for instance, we spoke about Wang Cayun, an elderly woman who was literally buried alive by greedy property developers intent on bulldozing her home.

Yang Youde, 56, doesn’t plan on going out like Miss Cayun, which is why he has armed himself with 2,000 yuan (300 USD) worth of fireworks, and a makeshift cannon built from old stove pipes and capable of firing shells up to 100 yards into the fields that surround his home.

His intent is to scare away demolition crews. “I’m a farmer. My whole life depends on farming. If I surrender, I have nowhere to go,” he told the Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency.

Surprisingly enough, Yang’s plan seemed to be working quite well. The NY Daily News reports that he has twice warded off demolition crews by blasting them with fireworks and cannon shells.

According to AFP, however, Yang ran out of fireworks during his last confrontation in May. The demolition agents then surrounded him and proceeded to beat him up. Curiously, though, they left him alone afterward.

Nonetheless, demolition crews are likely to soon return, which is why Yang is busy working hard so that can afford more ammunition.

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