A 25-year-old pooch from Japan may soon be recognized by the Guinness World Records as one of the world’s oldest living dogs.

Pu (short for Pusuke) is a crossbreed dog that lives with Yumiko Shinohara, a housewife from Sakura, Japan. According to the Daily Yomiuri, Pu was born in March 1985 at the home of one of Yumiko’s relatives. This can be proved via a local pet register that tracks every local pet’s birth and death.

He has for the most part lived an average doggy life chockfull of daily exercise, occasional snack cakes and, of course, two daily meals. Pu almost croaked two years ago, however, when during the summer of 2008 he was squashed by a car and not expected to survive. He managed to pull through after a few hours of surgery, and eventually returned to his post as Yumiko’s guard dog.

Yumiko, 41, has owned Pu since she was 16. “He’s just like my son. I don’t know why he’s managed to live so long, but I’ll keep caring for him so he’ll be able to live until he’s 30,” she told the Daily Yomiuri.

Speaking of reaching the age of 30, Pu will need to survive at least three more years to beat the current champion, a 28-year-old, US-based beagle that died in 2003. Yumiko intends to begin the rigorous application process, which entails proving Pu’s age (check) and birthplace (check), despite the wait.

If accepted, Pu will hold a spot as the world’s fourth oldest dog. We at WeirdAsiaNews wish Pu much luck with surviving the next few years (including the upcoming apocalypse) and hope to see him one day take the number one spot!

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