Given the differences in pop cultural outlooks and philosophies between the Orient and the western world, there is still the idea of the ridiculous to consider when it comes to the universality of that particular word.

Japanese pop culture may seem bizarre to outsiders, but for some companies marketing products to Japanese consumers, the agenda is about as clear as mud and it surely appears that the battle cry is: the weirder the better.

Far out only barely applies to some Japanese shaving commercials made by Schick Protectors III. While one video disaster could be explained away as a lapse in judgment, a cluster can only be justified as the result of a definite marketing strategy.

It was once said that President John Kennedy shaved in his morning shower to save time. While that could aptly be termed multi-tasking, skydiving and/or boxing and shaving are contrasting ideas that like peaches served over broccoli probably shouldn’t occur at the same time. And yet…they do.

While there is probably some logic indicated in the video below about skydivers being human beings who need to shave like everyone else or some such message, being able to skydive and shave without mistaking a cheek for a jugular vein seems an obscure ability.

What on earth could it prove? The diver is circus material? What it has to do with the sanity of the shaver and the quality of the Schick Protector III razor is obscure at best.

Perhaps we are all reading the message wrong. Maybe they really are ads for the plane these guys dive out of?

Maybe, maybe not.

But that makes more sense than making the advertisement about the Schick Protector III Razor.

That is unless using the Schick Protector III Razor prevents you from smashing your head into the ground.

Maybe we all missed that?

Or maybe the whole thing just missed.

What do YOU think about this?




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