Scams are getting more and more creative these days. Consider Wang Mou, aged 18, who was arrested wearing his pink wedding dress as he pretended to be a blushing bride who marries men for their money. Allegedly, the very slim and soft-spoken Wang fooled three men and then fled with the wedding money.

It all started about three months ago when a woman cheated Wang by promising him a job and selling him instead as a wife for £500 (a bit more than $1,000 US).

“A lot of people mistake me for a woman on first sight. She cheated me, but I found a chance to escape… and then realized I could use the same shortcut to make some money,” he told police.

Somehow, the fact that he was victimized by a scam legitimized in his frilly mind the right to cheat others out of their money, which he did with the help of an accomplice. He sold himself to a Mr. Liu who paid £1,000 (more than $2,000 US). Before matters turned too sexually revealing, he split the money with his cohort and escaped.

Getting away with it once, emboldened the would-be bogus bride and when he made the acquaintance of Mr. Zhang who also paid a £1,000 engagement fee, he did it again. This time he got caught the next day, but not by the local police. It was a band of irate women who turned him in after discovering that he was really a man. (How they found out was not reported in the news.)

Taken to the local police station for questioning, it was impossible for Wang to plead innocent to the charges. He was still wearing his pink wedding dress.

Poor guy.

All dressed up and no wedding to go to.

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