A government official in east China has been detained after allegedly accepting bribes in order to fund a personal target of sleeping with 800 women.

The 47-year-old department head from the city of Anqing in Anhui province was arrested late last month after his wife – also a Communist Party official – discovered his diaries when searching for something in his parents’ home. She felt so ill she had to get a friend to bring them to the police.

These diaries contained detailed accounts of bribe payments and sexual exploits by the unnamed official. He also recorded this data on his computer, which has also been seized. Upon his arrest he admitted spending all his money on “lovers”.

The accounts begin on January 1 2003, when the official wrote: “This year I must have sex with 56 women. At least two of them must not be prostitutes.” These two women, he said, would have to be from “respectable families”.

He estimated he would need a monthly income of ¥8,000 ($1,170) to achieve his goal. At the time, he was earning just ¥1,600 ($235). Police found detailed accounts of the affairs in his diary and on his computer, where he detailed where he slept with the women and even how much they cost. He conducted the affairs at hotel rooms or in a private room where he used a hidden video camera to film his exploits.

In later sections of the diary, he boasts of having bedded 500 women. In his New Year’s resolutions, he set himself the target of sleeping with “600 to 800” women. He is thought to have earned money through bribes related to his influence on real estate deals, a notoriously corrupt area of Chinese public life. Other companies would bribe him with sexual favors directly.

Prosecutors claim he ultimately spend hundreds of thousands of yuan buying sex. They said: “He was busy eight hours a day seeking bribes and eight hours a day as a hooligan seeking sex.”

The latest scandal comes as Chinese President Hu Jintao has issued a new warning for officials to avoid corruption. In a keynote speech, Mr Hu encouraged Communist party officials against lives of secret vice: “Leading cadres at all levels should always maintain a spirit of moral character and be aware of the temptations of power, money and beautiful women,” he said.

While the Chinese government has continued to ramp up its efforts to counter corruption in recent times, this is only the latest in a number of such cases involving officials and sex-related transgressions.

Last month, an official in Guanxi province named Han Feng was arrested and fired after his diary of bribes and sexual exploits was splashed over the internet in China. Han’s diary featured graphic accounts of several affairs with young women, including government employees.

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