As of March 20, 2010, winter is officially over for the northern hemisphere, but have we learned anything at all from it? Southern Korean iPhone users certainly have: when it’s too cold to operate your iPhone with your fingers, use a Korean sausage meat stylus instead!

Winter is a chilly season in South Korea. Average January temperatures in Seoul, South Korea, typically range somewhere between 16°F and 21°F, although they have in the past plunged as low as -7°F. (Korean History Project).

And as any survivor of winter knows, cold weather typically renders one’s fingers rather numb, thereby making it awfully difficult to handle small devices, let alone operate an iPhone.

The tech-savvy citizens of South Korea have decided to combat this pesky situation by turning ‘Maxbong’ sausage finger snacks from CJ Corporation into inexpensive meat styluses.

According to Engadget, the sausages are “electrostatically compatible with the iPhone’s capacitive touchscreen.” This means that you can use the sausage to dial calls, launch apps, and even write lengthy text messages. It’s essentially a super cheap iPhone stylus pen.

The key to using these snack sausages is to leave the wrapper intact. However, that doesn’t mean that any unwrapped sausage can be used as an iPhone stylus.

While speaking to iPhoneSavior, America iPhone developer Elam Nikserof confirmed this fact, saying, “Nothing has worked while keeping the wrapper on like the Korean meat stylus.” Apparently there’s something special about Korean sausages. He added, “I’m looking into importing the sausage as an exclusive U.S. carrier.”

Turns out that Evan is too late, though, as Case Crown, a US-based company dedicated to producing the “best quality carrying” solutions for mobile devices, is now offering iPhone sausage styluses to American users for just $.99 per pop.

Anyone care for a sausage? Just make sure you don’t use it while inebriated, because you might just accidentally end up eating it in a rage of hunger!

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