Just when you thought that nothing could get more traditional than a marriage proposal, after reading this you will know that you were wrong. Although there have been many far out weddings and weird ceremonies, one individualist, Wang Jian, aged 28, was determined to find a unique way to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal of marriage that no one could top.

His plans were top secret as the element of surprise was very important to him. He thought long and hard about the perfect pretext he could use to surprise his girlfriend, Xie Wenzhen.

He took her to visit an aquarium, Fuzhou, Fujian province, telling her they would be witnessing a friend’s marriage proposal. He had been preparing for this moment for two months; secretly taking diving lessons that would prepare him for his plunge into the tank (and subsequent survival).

He said we should go along to get some tips and then he left me in front of the giant water tank saying he was going to get some drinks… Suddenly a boy holding a bunch of flowers appeared in the water, and two other divers behind him opened a scroll, reading: ‘Please marry me.’

I was totally stunned, as I realized that the man in the tank was my boyfriend,” stated Xie who was startled, but genuinely delighted.

She indicated her acceptance by kissing Wang through the glass while resident fish swam indifferently around the lovebirds. For them it might have been something novel, but they wouldn’t give the couple the benefit of indicating surprise.

So much for the idea of including fish in a project.

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