Sodas and other beverages made for the Japanese market can often seem strange to us in the Western world (remember Pepsi Ice Cucumber?). But what may seem like an odd flavor to us is often very popular in Japan.

From curry-laced soda to “cheese drink”, here are some strange Japanese beverages you may not have heard of.

1. Curry and Wasabi Ramune

Ramune is a popular Japanese soda that is usually fruit flavored, and is recognized by its unique bottle shape and glass bead stopper. However, Ramune also makes two strongly flavored sodas: Curry and Wasabi.

The label on the curry flavored Ramune explains that it is actually a combination of curry and lemonade flavors.

2. Pepsi White/Yogurt Pepsi

This limited edition version of Pepsi blended the sweet taste of cola with the creaminess and tartness of yogurt.

3. Fanta Furufuru Shaker

This beverage starts off in a semi-gelled state, but when you shake it, the Fanta becomes carbonated. Seems like shaking a carbonated beverage never ends well, though…

4. NEEDS Cheese Drink

Because Japan is an island nation, it has been historically hard to support a large dairy industry because of the limited amount of available land. Therefore, many Japanese people have never developed much of a taste for milk products. Today, however, some companies are hoping to introduce more dairy into the Japanese marketplace. One such attempt is NEEDS cheese drink, which reportedly tastes a bit like yogurt.

5. Coolpis Kimchi

Fermented cabbage? Hot peppers? Sounds like a refreshing drink to me!

6. Breast Enlarging Drink

Okkikunare brand drinks contain a soy additive that the company claims can increase breast size. “Okkikunare” literally means “make them bigger!”

Pictured above are the mango and peach flavors.

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