There is a lot of crazy out there in the world. There’s moderate crazy, such as the religious rituals in India that for some reason require the launching of babies off of a building, and super crazy, such as pretty much anything that involves Japanese virgins and video games. Then you come across something so incredibly crazy it makes baby launching look like a game of ultimate frisbee.

29-year old Wang Chaoxu, who hails from the southwest Chinese village of Qixian, seems to have a nasty habit of killing children and eating their brains, believing them to be the cure for his epilepsy. 11-year old Li Xuetang disappeared one night, prompting his mother to become worried, and going so far as imploring the head of the village to make a radio broadcast on the off chance her song might see it.

Sadly, the young boy was found on January 23rd several hours later with his head opened and part of his brain removed. In a scene reminiscent of a horror film, a local villager by the named of Zhang Huansheng saw a man kneeling over the boy and holding him by the neck.

When Zhang approached the man, he passed the boy off as his son, saying “My child has passed out and I’m trying to wake him up. Baby, wake up, wake up.”

In addition to the young boy, a 3-year old girl was found in a public toilet with a knife wound to her head, and police are currently investigating whether the two deaths are connected.

Sidenote: He ate the brains with earthworms and ants. What a weirdo.

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