It doesn’t matter what the situation, young Asian girls with long black hair and white nightgowns are creepy. As this video demonstrates, you don’t even need to be in the middle of a Japanese horror film to encounter one.

Whether or not it’s staged is a moot point, as I can only imagine that it would be terrifying despite already knowing she’s right behind the door. The video picks off seemingly innocent enough. A young woman, one who happens to bear a remarkable resemblance to Sadako from the hit Japanese thriller Ringu, smiles and waves at the camera, then assumes a relatively innocuous position against the window in a hallway.

One by one the unsuspecting victims enter, presumably just going about their day like any other. As they enter the hallway, they are met with their worst nightmares: a little Chinese girl. Each individual reacts in much the same way – a quick jump, maybe even a loss of footing, then utter confusion as the young girl just stares at them as they walk by.

It’s not until the end when one unfortunate passerby gets a little too freaked out and decides to hit the poor girl and kick her over.

I don’t care where you’re from or who might be frightening you, that’s just rude.