At the 2010 New Year World Peace Gala in Chicago, which was held on January 9th, 2010, Jin Linlin amazed the crowd with her impressive hula hoop abilities. And impressive they are.

To call this achievement a worthless, or at the very least forgettable endeavor, is to deny the level of talent that is actually involved. Starting out with a modest five hula hoops, the slender Linlin dazzled the crowd with her impressive, albeit unique skills, tossing the colored rings from her body one by one. The crowd applauds, and Linlin begins her next act.

She becomes a slinky.

Taking three hundred silver rings, she teases the audience at first, moving the rings around her body like our favorite children’s toy that would never go down the stairs like advertised. After a few moments of this, she begins the set up for her impressive final act. Positioning the rings carefully around her body, she stands up, gives her body a little twist, and tosses the rings around her body.

Despite her seemingly small stature, Linlin spins those 300 hula hoops around her tiny body with grace and ease. They cover almost her entire body, and give off the appearance of her being trapped in a bizarre silver worm tunnel designed to make you vomit when you come out the other end.

Although impressive, this is not new for Linlin. In 2008 she set the Guinness World Record for twirling 300 hula hoops at one time, and in 2009 she was the proud winner of the World Challenge Championship, which was held in Mallorca, Spain.

Toys indeed.