Owen Lift tried everything to persuade his good friend Larry Donner to Throw Momma from the Train, but he had a change of heart at the last minute. He realized that offing an old Lady is just plain wrong. Sadly, these same thoughts didn’t pass through the scummy property developers who beat and then buried 70-year-old Wang Cuyun alive.

Wang was a quaint grandmother from Hubei Province, China. She lived a fairly peaceful life up until March 3, 2010, when a raucous band of property developers, accompanied by three police officers, confronted Wang. They were intent on evicting the poor lady so they could bulldoze her property.

During a frantic struggle to thwart the greedy goons, Wang was struck repeatedly with a wooden stick and then shoved into a drainage ditch. The property developers then ordered one of their thugs to bulldoze dirt into the ditch in an attempt to bury the defiant granny alive. Unfortunately, the plan worked.

By the time that Wang’s son discovered what had happened and pulled her out of the ditch, she was already dead. As for the police offers present, bystanders reported to Hubei Television that they “stood around acting like it was none of their business.”

Overcome with grief, Wang’s son dragged her frail body along on a main room, where he and thousands of local residents then staged a protest for two whole days.

The local government soon after confirmed her death on its website: “Wang Cayun, 70, a villager from Maodian, received an accidental injury at a local demolition site on March 3.” One wonders how exactly the government defines ‘accidental’!? Regardless, all Internet news stories related to Wang’s death have since been censored as of Friday, March 5. This comes as no surprise.

What is shocking, however, is that hostile evictions are nothing new to China. All across China, corrupt officials and property developers are teaming together to illegally secure potentially profitable real estate from China’s innocent citizens. For more information on the epidemic, please visit China View | Forced Evictions or watch the video below, which speaks about the evictions that occurred as a result of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

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