For some new mothers, getting their newborn child to suck out the moo juice of mankind from their breast for sustenance is a daunting task. Either it hurts too much, or the baby simply refuses to latch on, resulting in one frustrated mother who firmly believes that breast milk is necessary for a healthy, growing baby.

Thanks to those fine folks in the land of the rising sun, breast milk is now available in a carton! No need to worry about your baby latching, or dealing with an overzealous child with the sucking power of a Hoover. Now you can save your breast the hassle all while giving your baby the nutrition he or she needs!

Naturally, the company that manufactures this “breast milk” has employed the image of a baby suckling on his or her mother’s breast. One can only surmise this is for easy identification purposes, as I imagine it would be absolutely hilarious to discover the moo juice you’ve been drinking has come from your own species.