There are many dangers of urban life but, up until now, getting executed for cell phone use was not one of them. This tragic event took place in North Korea where authorities captured, tortured and then executed a man for violating the country’s cell phone ban.

Jung, the man in question, was found guilty of calling a friend in South Korea.

He was initially captured by the police at his home and taken away. Soon afterwards, he was interrogated by police where he confessed about his phone activities. This included complaining to his friend about the terrible conditions in North Korea.

Soon afterwards, he was killed via firing squad for disobeying the law.

North Korea has stringent laws regarding cell phone usage. The authorities only allow folks to make national calls and even these ones are restricted to the Pyongyang area. Thus, there was a ban on making any international calls.

The state especially frowned upon any calls being made to its southern counterpart.

In the past, North Korea bigwigs have been known to roam the Chinese border in hopes of picking up cell phone usage.

In these cases, they were secret police officers who used cell phone signal detectors that in turn, which helped them pinpoint anyone chatting away on a cell phone.

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Shinigami (A. K. Goemans) is a Netherlands-based writer who is into horror movies, computer games and manga. She lived in different parts of Asia and Africa before settling down in the Netherlands.