Some folks are fond of firearms, others practically worship them. At least that is the case for one particular area of Jharkhand, India, which has formed an entire religious ceremony around the worshiping of firearms.

The ceremony is called Navratri festival and elsewhere in India devotees usually pray to Goddess Durga and her other different forms.

However, in campus of the Jharkhand Armed Police, as the object of their devotion, folks have focused on all sorts of weaponry instead of the usual goddesses.

Thus, on the days of the celebration, a stage is set up for all the rituals and prayers whereby different types of weapons are placed alongside the usual prayer vessel.

This includes a wide array of weapons like AK 47, Insas rifles, pistol, mortar, carbine and grenades.

As part of the rituals, these weapons are adorned accordingly and then animals sacrifices are offered as appeasement.

The folks behind these rituals then wish for better luck in catching criminals and rebels. In these prayers, the devotees also ask that their weapons won’t fail during crucial moments.

According to the local community, this particular type of idolatry can be traced as far back as the late 1880s.

This system lingered until 1953 when an enterprising commander tried to tweak the prayer styles. Unfortunately, this attempt failed horribly and folks put their faith back in weapon worshiping.

‘In 1953, a commandant of Bihar Military Police (now JAP) placed the idol of goddess Durga on the ground. The commandant fell ill and an epidemic broke out in which many people fell ill and a few lost their lives. The weapons worship tradition was then again resumed in 1954 and it is continuing till now,’ was the words of Sher Bahadur Thapa, one member of the weapon worshiping community.




Shinigami (A. K. Goemans) is a Netherlands-based writer who is into horror movies, computer games and manga. She lived in different parts of Asia and Africa before settling down in the Netherlands.