Weddings are an occasion never to be forgotten, especially when the bride and groom both come from noble origins.

Consider, for instance, the New Delhi wedding of Indian parliament member Kadir Rana’s son (Shah Mohd) and Indian parliament member Munquad Ali’s daughter (Sumbul Parveen) on February 24th, 2010.

It was supposed to be a majestic event worthy of sensational praise, but that quickly fell through due to the outrageous actions of a horned-up, 35-year-old elephant named Sheru.

Sheru is a male. And every year, male elephants like Sheru enter into a state of heat (known as Musth) for up to seven days, during which they become exceedingly aggressive and hard to control.

You would expect an intelligent elephant trainer—or even a dimwitted one, for that matter—to keep his charge under strict supervision during such a tumultuous time. Sheru’s mahout Shamil, however, apparently didn’t care, as he opted to go ahead and bring the horny tusker along for the highly anticipated event.

Mind you Sheru wasn’t alone. The festivities featured a total of 13 elephants, 15 camels, and 42 horses, but Sheru was the only one in serious need of a booty call. So serious, in fact, that he broke into a full-fledged stampede after celebratory gunshots were fired—supposedly in an attempt to reach a female elephant he spotted in a nearby sugar cane field.

What followed was a 15-hour rampage in which Sheru disrupted Delhi’s already ridiculously sluggish traffic, smashed through a shopping mall, overturned dozens of parked cars, and allegedly tried to make steamy love to an innocent Ford Endeavor.

Over 100 police officers were called in to quell Sheru’s impassioned plea for fornication, but to no avail. It wasn’t until about 2pm the following afternoon that, after multiple attempts to corner him, Sheru was finally subdued by a New Delhi elephant specialist equipped with a tranquilizer gun.

Afterwards the two families—who seemed so congenial prior to the event—began bickering about who was to blame for Sheru’s rampage. The groom’s family alleged that Sheru was part of a lineup brought in by the bride’s family, whereas her family claimed the exact opposite. Either way, the honeymoon isn’t likely to be nearly as joyous as they had initially expected.

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