Nothing beats spending a warm spring day in the park, playing football with your friends or tossin’ the old frisbee around with your beloved Australian cattle dog named Captain Fluffy. When you get too hot, you can grab a glass of water and take a seat in the shade of a tree.

Fourteen-month old Song Sheng of Jinhu, eastern China, will never be able to enjoy these luxuries, as he suffers from Lamellar ichthyosis, a rare genetic condition that left the poor child born without pores, causing his entire body to develop scales. This unfortunate outcome is due to his inability to sweat. He is instead cooled down through the use of giant bathtubs filled with ice.

Sadly, this primitive method of maintaining one’s cool, as it were, does little to alleviate the massive amounts of pain the poor child is in at all times. According to his father, Song Dehui, if they run out of ice, he develops a fever.

Sadly, there is no cure, though it can be treated. Despite this, Song Dehui is holding out hope for a cure, be it in the form of a folk remedy or a miracle.

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