A 65-year-old farmer in southeast China has been living in a treehouse for the last decade.

Su Yuanren of Nan’an, Quanzhou City in Fujian province says he prefers to live in the fresh air. His wife says Su lives in the treehouse in order to keep a closer eye on their four cows.

The treehouse, which is more than six feet above ground, is accessible only by a wooden ladder.

The treehouse is six and a half feet long, three feet wide and three feet tall. It’s held up by the four largest branches of the tree.

The makeshift home is not without its creature comforts: Su has a TV, radio, clock, fan, mosquito net and food supplies.

Su says he even entertains guests in his treehouse, often inviting three or four friends up for drinks and light conversation.

Despite his exposure to strong winds and heavy rain, Su lives permanently in the treehouse and says he plans to continue the lifestyle in the future.

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Bill Lehane
Bill Lehane, 28, is a journalist and freelance writer from Dublin, Ireland. He recently returned from six months working as a teacher in east China, which gave him a chance to experience many of the wide, weird and wacky sights that make up daily life in the Middle Kingdom. However, he did not succeed in teaching the local teenagers anything whatsoever: they still love Michael Jackson, KFC and themselves. More at billlehane.com.
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