In a truly bizarre turn of events, a Hong Kong-based widow from the Ma On Shan district ended up killing a passing pedestrian when she lost her footing and fell from outside her high-rise flat. The elderly and considerably larger woman, Lam, was picking up her washing when she slipped and plunged down from the 27th floor.

According to various reports, Lam was outside her flat, collecting clothes from a drying rack when the accident took place.

In a congested city like Hong Kong, it was relatively normal to dry clothes in this manner.

The other victim was Chan Kwai-mui, a 51 year old cleaner, who was on her way from work. Unfortunately for her, she got caught in Lam’s tragic flight downwards.

It was a security guard who discovered the aftermath at the bottom of the block where both women were “in a heap”.

Chan’s neighbors were especially distressed by the news.

One of them noted that the woman had been mourning the death of her husband for a while now, an incident where the construction worker had been killed by a collapsing crane.

“She had just managed to get over the death of her husband,” was her words.

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