In what is surely one of the oddest twists of fate, the Hwang sisters, identical quads, have all gotten nursing jobs and are working at the very same South Korean hospital where they were born twenty-one years ago!

The coincidence stretches even a bit further. Hwang Suel and her three sisters, Seol, Sol and Milall, began their training on the same day at Gacheon University Gil Hospital in Incheon, one of the leading hospitals not only in Korea but also in all of Northeast Asia.

Known for its outstanding medical professionals and state-of-the art facilities, the hospital began as a small Gynecology and Obstetrics clinic back in 1958.

This is the second time these amazing quads have been in the headlines; the first being when they were born as Korea’s second ever set of identical quadruplets.

Quadruplets are very rare and they occur when four eggs are released and fertilized at once, or when one egg splits into four, or one egg splits into three with the fourth one fertilized, two eggs split into two, or one egg splits and two are fertilized.

The quads are delighted with their accomplishments and their futures all look bright.

“I feel like I’m a real nurse since I am wearing this yellow-green gown, and I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of people,”said Seol, the second-oldest quad.

The hospital staff has welcomed the new nurses with open arms.

“I would like to praise the mother for raising all four girls… with such good care. I look forward to seeing these four women becoming great nurses like Florence Nightingale.”

Well Florence Nightingale was one thing, but four of her is something else again!

Can you imagine a person suffering from a lapse of or defective vision seeing all four nurses walking into the hospital room at the same time?

Talk about seeing double!

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