Can condoms be used for more than just preventing pregnancy, blocking STDs, or making a first-class water balloon? The folks at Guilin Latex Factories certainly believe so, which is exactly why they hosted the first-ever condom fashion show at the Fourth China Reproductive Health New Technologies and Products Expo in Beijing back during the summer of 2007.

It was a speculator event featuring a wide-range of outlandish ‘condom-gear,’ from dresses to hats and even lollipops. Here’s a brief gallery of the most highlighted items:

Condom Plants

Condom Dresses

Condom Hats

The purpose of this endeavor wasn’t to promote condom fashion, however. It was about encouraging people to use condoms to thwart the rampant spread of STDs—especially HIV/AIDS—in China.

Many Chinese residents initially assumed that HIV/AIDS was a problem merely for homosexuals. Only during the past years have they woken up to the obvious truth—that it affects everybody. Health experts say that “a lack of sex education and unwillingness to talk about sex still hampers the fight,” though.

Condom producers using condom art to promote condom use…  is it brilliant or ultimately pointless?

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