Protesting comes in a variety of forms. From simply standing on the corner chanting and holding signs to climbing up a tree and refusing to come down (like Darryl Hannah), expressing one’s disapproval for something is one of the most unique forms of expression.

On November 13, 2009, similar to the Thích Quảng Đức playbook of protesting, Tang, a woman in the Jingniu district of Chengdu city, threatened to lite herself on fire to protest being evicted from her residence and the subsequent demolition of the building.

She poured gasoline over her entire body and screamed “Don’t come up here. Don’t push me. Otherwise I’ll die in front of you.”

Tang then followed through with her threat and set herself on fire. She died 16 days later in a hospital.

Although blurry, the pictures of incident from reveal the woman standing atop the smoking building located on Tianhuizhen Street, dousing herself in gasoline and setting herself on fire.