In life you only get one first time… or do you?

Before answering that question, we must first ascertain why a someone might want more than one first time. The reasons are numerous, including religious, social and even economic; however, the most common reason is to avoid revealing one’s sexual history to a new lover.

So let’s suppose a woman decides that she wants to become a virgin again. What can she do?

Believe it or not, she can actually replace her broken hymen via hymenorrhaphy, a form of cosmetic surgery wherein the hymen tissue is pulled back together, thereby allowing it to be ‘re-popped.’ The problem with hymenorrhaphy, however, is that it’s outrageously expensive.

And so an alternative solution to hymenorrhaphy, many street peddlers in China now offer artificial hymens or maidenheads that inflate inside a woman’s vagina, after which it can be ‘popped’ open with a penis.

Within the last few years, in fact, the business of artificial hymens has blown up across China, bringing with it a bevy of artificial hymen kits such as Night Red, Virtuous Girl Red, and Joan of ARC Red.

And what’s most surprising is that most of these artificial hymens can be purchased for less than 50 US dollars, which is a steal compared to the price of hymenorrhaphy.

The sale of artificial hymens has actually popular nowadays that the streets of China are littered with ads proclaiming to restore a woman’s virginity:

“Your virginity back in 5 minutes!”
“The product of high-technology! Your unspeakable secret will be erased!”
”Get your virginity back for 260 RMB!”
“No surgery, no shots, no medicine, no side-effects. Only 260 RMB!”

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