Tired of fake cultural goods flooding the market, China’s Ministry of Culture introduced a ban on different types of fake performances. This includes lip-syncing, either in live concerts or TV shows, as well as miming the use of musical instruments.

According to this rule, anyone caught faking it will face a hefty fine.

Furthermore, the relevant authorities also threatened to take away the performing license of repeat offenders.

According to Sun Qiuxia, the spokesperson for the Ministry: “People who perform for profit should not cheat audiences with fake singing or by pretending to play instruments.”

Many folks blame the gaffe at the recent Beijing Olympics as the reason for such a ban.

On that occasion, local and international folks discovered that, during the opening ceremony, a prettier girl lip-synced in place of the actual singer. The latter was deemed too plain to take center stage.

However, Chinese authorities have been considering the idea of such a ban as far back as 2006.

According to them, fake performances cheated viewers of their right to live shows and they also hindered the artists’ ability to improve their skills.

Furthermore, they worried that such miming moments might enable has-been performers to dominate the market, overshadowing the efforts of up-and-coming stars.

Since the introduction of the ban, there has been one recent high profile case this year where two pop singers were found lip-syncing at a concert.

The two singers, Yin Youcan and Fang Ziyuan, have been threatened with a fine of around $12 000.

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