If you’ve ever wondered who or what Domo Kun is, wonder no more: he’s a stout, strange little creature who daydreams a lot, can’t speak other than the word “Domo!”, is roommates with a rabbit, loves meat and potatoes (Japanese style), and hates apples.


He’s also prone to explosive farts when he’s upset, so please . . . don’t make him nervous.

Domo is the brainchild of Tsuneo Goda, the animator and director of the stop-motion animated Domo shorts on Japan’s NHK television station. Domo Kun was created as the station’s mascot and became an instant hit. Although it took a little time for him to catch on in the United States, when he did, Americans fell in love with him.

His popularity rivals that of Hello Kitty! in Japan, but—so far, at least—the items available are not as weird.

Not only does he have his own show on Nickelodeon (okay, so it’s two minutes at a time, but still), he was the star of Target’s Halloween ads in 2008. You can now see an image of him on every 7-11 coffee cup in America. He also has his own comic book, written by Clint Bickham.

Like Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign, Domo has moved from marketed TV character and plush toy into our national consciousness. In 2008 he was used in an ad urging Americans to vote Democrat (a riff on the ol’ “Every time you mastur . . .” oh, never mind). He can be found all over the Internet, and his image is sold on hats and sweaters.

All this popularity and success for a little guy who does little but eat and daydream. Maybe us busy Americans can take a page out of Domo’s comic book.

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