Not everybody celebrates a solar eclipse with a traditional pinhole projector. The folks in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India, for instance, like to commemorate the occasion by burying their children.

Local authorities in Meerut were shocked to discover their local graveyard filled with families on January 15th, the day of India’s latest annular eclipse.

What’s even more shocking is that the parents were burying their children’s body parts, in hopes that a combination of the eclipse and graveyard dirt would somehow cure their polio.

According to Manzoor Ahmed, one of the parents at the scene, “Solar eclipse affects everything. It has been scientifically proven.”

Shaheen Fatima, who buried her son’s leg in the dirt, further clarifies this strange behavior, saying, “We believe that the solar eclipse affects the soil also…the soil undergoes some changes during the eclipse and hence it may correct the deformity in the children.”

Dr. Vinod Mishra, a local astrologer, discredits these claims, noting that a solar eclipse has zero effect on soil, let alone disease.

So who should we believe: parents who bury their children or a local astrologer? Hmm…

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