In a bid to foster a love for chocolate, Chinese confectioneries came up with a grand plan and created a chocolate replica of the Great Wall complete with edible clones of the famous Terracotta Warriors.

The wall, measuring 10 meters (33 feet) in length and 2 meters (6 feet) in height, was made of dark chocolate bricks and white chocolate was used as the mortar.

As for the warriors, they were also of the chocolate variety and, standing tall at 25 to 35 centimeter, promised to be a delicious snack as well.

In keeping with the awe-inspiring nature of the warriors, the creators put together more than 500 miniature replicas of these folks.

This particular exhibit was made for the Chocolate Wonderland display which in itself was part of a larger Beijing-based chocolate promotional event due to open on January 29th. Set to be held in Beijing’s “Bird’s Nest” Stadium, this entire event focused on marketing chocolate to the Chinese public.

Such marketing is necessary for a country like China where chocolate doesn’t make it to the top ten list of favorite snacks.

According to the show manager, Tina Zheng: “Chocolate has not been around in China that long, it doesn’t have that several-thousand-year history that it does in the West which has made chocolate as common as milk or fruit.”

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