Japanese really is ahead of the curve when it comes to game shows. While the United States is content with trivia shows such as Jeopardy and shows that test your smarts against a 5th grader, Japan prefers to have individuals dress as random bugs skate down a ramp on a scooter between long, rubber pillars.

That description clearly does not do the following video justice. While riding down a ramp and hoping for one of the contestants to wipe out is more or less a sure bet, it’s what happens afterward that makes this video truly WTF worthy.

If you’re unfortunate enough to take a spill, a crazed woman, dressed as what appears to be a bee, yells at the camera, violently eats…something, pins you down, and spits it in your face via a long, cylindrical glass tube.

Eventually, someone manages to make it through the pillars not once, but three, count ’em THREE times and is lauded as the King of Japanese People in Bug Costumes. He is also spared the embarrassment of having food spit on his face, which I guess is the most you can hope for with a game such as this.