In an attempt to fund a pleasure trip to Macau, a twenty-two year old Indian man with very expensive tastes and not too many smarts unsuccessfully staged his own kidnapping, demanding more than $40,000 dollars ransom from his own family!

Pawan Verma had a dream of spending New Year’s Eve at the lavish Chinese gambling resort. Alas, it became a nightmare when he was caught in the act of picking up the ransom money provided by his unsuspecting father at a shopping mall in New Delhi.

Instead, he spent New Years Eve alone in jail.

His father, Ram Sahay Verma, is a businessman who owns two shops. He was understandably quite angry about his son’s criminal actions, and at the time of his son’s arrest had not yet decided whether or not he wanted to press charges. If he does not, his son will get away with his crime and walk away a free man.

The police laid a trap and arrested Mr. Verma when he turned up to collect his own ransom.

“The ransom calls and text messages were being made from Verma’s mobile phone. Verma’s elder brother, Punit, accompanied us to deliver the ransom. Six hours later, a man in a black jacket came to pick up the bag and Punit was shocked to find it was his own brother who staged the whole thing,” said the deputy commissioner of police, Jaspal Singh.

Our bad boy was a frequent patron of plush bars and restaurants, amassing debts of 850,000 rupees ($18,000 US dollars).

“Pawan’s girlfriend demanded he take her to Macau on New Year’s Eve. He hatched a plan to fake his own abduction with the help of a friend, Himanshu Kumar. Due to his limited earnings, he had accumulated a huge debt but he wanted to fulfill his girlfriend’s wish,” added Singh.

This might have been a charming romantic story if he hadn’t been so deceitful and dishonest with his own family.

All’s not well that doesn’t end well in this tale of thwarted romance and family betrayal.

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