While most folks in the Western world swear by astrology and tarot cards, fortune tellers in China go by an age old system of physiognomy revolving around mole reading. According to this system, knowledgeable practitioners can predict certain events of a person’s life based on the location and color of moles.

Typically, certain parts of the face and body were deemed lucky spots for having moles.

In the same way, there were specific spots which, when spotted with one or more moles, signified bad luck for the person.

On the same note, the color of the mole played a significant role in predictions. Thus, fortune tellers fussed over pure black or red moles whilst they were usually wary of mixed colored moles.

Furthermore, many of these folks encouraged men with hairy moles to retain these lucky hairy bits. Women on the other hand were advised to rid themselves of such features.

As for the mole prediction itself, it was found that select locations centered around specific themes.

For instance, according to most mole readers, moles on the forehead meant all sorts of problems in the family life.

On the other hand, moles on or around the nose hinted at different types of sexual worries, be it unexpected proposals or trouble conceiving.

The ear and eyebrow area were usually hailed as the best spots for mole growth where these folks could expect a lot of wealth and fortune in their life.

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