Most societies have rules and regulations that prohibit obscene images from pervading their citizens’ television screens. Thankfully, these same edicts have no place in the wondrous realm of Japanese game shows.

The Japanese have been popping out obnoxious game shows for years, therefore helping keep an oftentimes boring world bright with raunchy entertainment reminiscent of the American classic  ‘Girls Gone Wild,’ yet 10 times more awe-inspiring.

And so in accordance with the upcoming new year, which is a time of joy and celebration, here are the top ten most lewd, lascivious, salacious, and OUTRAGEOUS Japanese game show clips of all time:

#9. Sucky Sucky!

In this fascinating clip, a set of four professionally dressed women are assigned to the task of proving their skills at the art of fellatio. They must crawl to a black cylinder object with a bunch of fake plastic-like penises jutting out from it, and then choose one to suck.

#8. Undress Me Please!

These hot toddies must undress their hubbies using just their mouth. The one to do this the fastest is the winner. It would have been a much better clip if the men would have had to undress the women instead (wink wink).

#7. Ram My Boobs!

The actual goal here is to NOT ram into the poor damsel’s pair of luscious, lumpy boobs. This is perhaps the only game in the known Universe where the benefits of losing far outweigh any gains that can be made from winning.

#6. Money In Me Bra!

Cleavage isn’t just a blessing to men’s eyes, but it is in fact also a potential repository for storing loads of wealth. Ergo, these ladies must collect as many coins as possible in their cleavage/bra within the time allotted.

#5. Melt The Ice!

Ice is the most underrated aphrodisiac on Earth; just watch and you’ll see why. These scantily clad babes must utilize every single body part available — including their thighs, boobs, and mouth — to melt the ice as quickly as possible.

#4. Make Me Bust!

In this strange clip, each of the women pictured has a remote-controlled vibrator inside her. The vibrator is apparently operated by banging on some drums, as you’ll soon see for yourself. The goal is to last as long as possible without experiencing an orgasm.

#3. Dizzy Bowler!

This clip isn’t exactly all that sexy. However, how can you possibly hate on a video of dizzy chicks trying to bowl in maid uniforms?

#2. Churn Baby, Churn!

These sexy kittens are each wearing a thinly threaded dress that will slowly be un-threaded via the efforts of four desperate men pushing on some sort of wheel device. Keep your eyes peeled and you may just glimpse some nip!

#1. Cat Fight!

Even gay men can appreciate a good ol’ fashioned cat fight. And so heat up some popcorn and get ready to watch these two hot-headed vixen go at it like some sumo wrestlers!


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