Robotic receptionist, actroids and pin-pong players were the talk of the day when companies got together at the International Robot Exhibition recently. Held at the Tokyo Big Sight towards the end of November, this 3 day event saw a number of weird and wonderful robots on display at various stalls.




This humanoid-shaped robot was developed by the Kobayashi Laboratory at Tokyo University of Science. Its key feature is its ability to mimic human expressions where it can react to certain words or phrases. The facial expressions themselves are based on the manipulation of compressed air via a computer. As for the overall purpose of this robot, the folks behind this robot envision it being used in classrooms.



This particular robot was developed by RT corp. and has been in the news for a few months already. The robot itself is made of a metal framework that enabled basic movement of upper and lower limbs. Thus, this robot was designed for interacting with people, especially younger kids. Incidentally, RT also sells the strange cat outfit as part of the package to interested parties.



Created by a Vietnamese company called Tosy, this athletic bot’s sole purpose is playing ping-pong.



Catering to the entertainment industry, this actroid was developed by Kokoro Company Ltd. It is the latest from a series of actor robots where this one can now imitate facial expressions. For the purposes of the exhibition, it emulated the facial expression it picked up via a remote camera.

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