The next time your car needs a tow but you haven’t got the right equipment, talk to the man below.

Stuntman Xie Zhongcai in Hefei in China’s eastern Anhui Province has another idea that fits the job. Just tie the car to your ear and head off.

ear pull

And if that seems like it might sting just a little, how about his next trick.

If the locals in Heping Square were left with their mouths agape after his first stunt, they couldn’t believe their eyes the second time – the stuntman hooked up the minivan to his eye sockets.

eye pull

Of course in wide, weird China, he’s not the only one pulling off this kind of stunt.

Earlier this year, Buddhist and Kung Fu master Zhang Tingting wanted to pull off one last stunt to show off her zen talents before shaving her head and becoming a nun.

She decided to make the best use of her long ponytail before it got chopped off by hooking it up to eight cars and dragging them for 100 feet. While professing to be very happy with the feat, Zhang had initially been aiming for more than 300ft. Was it just a bad hair day?

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