For some people, the dream to marry a loved one regardless of age, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, species, or even reality will just never come to pass. For a man in Japan known as Sal9000, however, the dream of marrying his fictional beau has just come to fruition.


On November 22nd,  Sal9000 officially tied the knot with Nene Anegasaki, a fictional video game character from the Nintendo DS dating simulator Love Plus. The game allows lonely men like Sal to woo a virtual girlfriend by kissing, touching, and even taking her out on a date.


Since its release in September 2009, Love Plus has garnered a cult following so strong that many wives across Japan now lament that their husbands spend more time ogling these virtual vixen than they do with them. Add to the list single and lonely bachelor Sal9000.

According to online sources, Sal9000 has a long history of pursuing love in the virtual realm. It wasn’t until he met Love Plus school-teacher Nene Anegasaki, however, that he was inspired to take his love all the way.


Since the laws of Japan do not allow for man & video-game love — not to mention man & cat, man & dog, and man & man love — Sal had to travel all the way to Guam for the wedding, where the whole event was streamed live through Nico Nico Douga, a Japanese video site similar to YouTube.

Afterwards, a mock wedding and the official reception were held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Featured at the event were a live audience, Sal, his virtual wifey, and who’d have guessed: a real life priest. The highlight of the whole event was when Sal9000 performed fellatio on his Nintendo DS after the priest hollered, “Kiss the bride!”

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