It’s always sad when someone dies playing video games, usually for upwards of fifty hours straight, but it’s even sadder when someone else dies because of your desire to collect that last magic coin.


Such is the case of Dr. Mao Xiaojun, a doctor at Nanjing Children’s Hospital in eastern China, who felt playing the online game Go was more important than helping a sick child, ultimately letting the baby die. According to a press release, the five-month old baby’s mother dropped to her knees and pleaded for the doctor’s help, but her cries fell on deaf ears.

The cause of death, which occurred on November 4th (the day after the incident) was due to complications brought about from an eye infection. The doctor was fired and her license was taken away, but not before she attempted to cover her tracks.

Several others, including the head of the hospital and a number of staff members were disciplined, though the severity of their punishment was not as great as the video game-playing doctor’s.

With luck a prison sentence will be in her future.