This video has been spreading like wildfire around the Chinese social network Kaixin001 in the past week.

Some Chinese netizens think its hilarious, others think its fake and others still think it’s an invasion of privacy (the latter of which,  as we all know, does not even exist in China).

It is actually a viral advertisement for IT multinational HP, as the HP logos over the dancing boy’s eyes make clear. The tech giant has been playing this particular ad game for a couple of years now in the West – apparently in an effort to make HP as hip and cool as Apple.  Evidently the tactic has been successful enough to warrant attempting to export it to Asian markets.

As for the comic footage itself, debate has been raging on the web over whether the edited clips – purportedly of students in a Nanjing university – are based on real CCTV film or staged with actors paid by the company. Either way of course, nobody can doubt Chinese people’s innate capacity to sing, dance and gyrate in your average elevator at any time anywhere in the vast country.

But then it’s not just no-hope graduates-to-be that get up to this kind of thing, as this next video shows. Another advertisement, this time featuring a group of businessmen, it perfectly captures two sounds that are quintessential to Chinese daily life – flatulence and ringtones.

The idea of Chinese men actually being offended by each other’s farts is a bit of a stretch in itself, but then I guess we need to give the ad men some rope to work with now and then.

Speaking of the world of business, think of an original location in the world where a wealthy carmaker could hold a glamorous car launch – yes, you guessed it, a Chinese elevator. Earlier this year Porsche wedged a brand new car into an elevator in Shanghai just for the viewing pleasure of 170 cocktail party guests.

The occasion was the launch of the Italian car maker’s first four-door sports car, the Panamera, and the location was the Shanghai World Financial Center. So excited were they to perform the feat, Porsche booked the venue before the so-called ‘Bottle Opener’ was even completed.

Having done that, you would think they would have ordered a larger elevator be installed. Instead, up the car went some 1,400 feet standing on its tail squashed into the freight elevator to the 94th floor. You would have to think this location is more trouble than its worth for a new car launch, but then this is China!

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