Although many personal aptitudes often reveal themselves at an early age, the ability to cook and write before the age of ten does seem an unlikely revelation; that is, until now.

Not only is Shanghai-born Shi Yulan a television chef/celebrity at the tender age of nine, she is also the up and coming author of her own book of recipes! There’s no stopping this child star who is as much at home behind the camera as she is playing with her dolls.

For almost as long as she has been able to walk, Shi has been helping her mother by working in the kitchen at home.

“At two-years-old, I already helped my mom by washing bowls in the kitchen and I started to cook for the family for fun from the age of six,” says Shi.

This child is an accomplished personality in a class all by herself. She hosts a cooking show for a local TV station and in her spare time (ha!) she is writing a book about her cooking experiences, which includes many of her recipes.

“I am doing the actual cooking job and my mom is beside me shooting the whole process since we want readers to get a clear picture of how to make these dishes besides the text,” she said.

Shi’s abilities are unique and commendable, but perhaps it is her unusual poise and ability to concentrate that makes her such an extraordinary child. She is comfortable with herself before the camera and focused on her actions in a manner that is far more mature than her years.

One can only imagine what this child will grow up to be and the many ways she is bound to contribute to a world that needs more of her kind.

Good luck, Shi!




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