Anything is possible, even with dull old sushi. At least that seems to be the mindset of Japanese sushi chef Ken Kawasumi, who has created an Obama dish consisting of Obama sushi rolls, the American flag tuna pieces and an eggy ‘V’ (for victory) slogan.


The flag, adorned with the words ‘Yes You Can’, forms the center of the sushi platter. Obama rolls flank a ‘V’ sign at the top and the word ‘USA’ lines the bottom of the flag.

The rest of the platter, consisting of various sushi assortments like ‘smiley’ rolls and car rolls, form an attention-grabbing border around this main piece.

As for the individual pieces themselves, chef Kawasumi used various ingredients creatively in order to attain the best effect.


Thus, in the Obama rolls, the skin is made of shrimp and the hair bits are made of black sesame. As for the teeth, nothing beats good old fish paste!

The flag was the painstaking effort of lining tuna bits with squid and the car pieces consist, in part, of cucumber and mountain burdock.

The USA lettering was thanks to generous helping of cooked egg blended with rice.

This is not the first time that Kawasumi has been in the news for this sushi-making skills. In fact, he has been dazzling the crowds with decorative sushi platters for a while now.


For instance, his latest piece, created last year, was a sushi version of Vincent van Gogh’s popular Sunflowers portrait.

He is also famous for his cookbooks like Fun and Fancy Sushi which elaborate on the art of decorative sushi.

His extensive knowledge and skill is hardly surprising since Ken Kawasumi is also the principal of the well-known Tokyo Sushi Academy.





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