Haunted vacation resort or failed business venture? Those are the most common theories surrounding the dilapidated San-Zhi pod village, a building complex consisting of disc-shaped apartments of varying colors.


The Taiwan-based vacation resort dates back to the 1980s when it was built as a holiday retreat for the wealthy types.

However, these fancy plans fell through when a series of accidents resulted in the death of a number of workers.

These accidents ended up being bad publicity for the site as many rich holiday-goers were consequently put-off by the idea of visiting San-Zhi.


There was also the more fervent worry that the folks killed in the accidents would be hanging around the pod village.

Another theory cites that the building site, sponsored by the government as well as several different firms, might have hit a snag when it ran out of capital.


The result was that the San-Zhi pod resort fell out of favor and left to rot.



I don’t know about you, but that place looks pretty creepy.

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