A young woman in Zhongshan City, China, recently developed her own unique way of dealing with her parents’ impending divorce; she killed them and cut the bodies up into pieces!

Police received a call from the landlord who discovered the bodies after a tenant complained about the foul odor emanating from room #803. The crime occurred in an eight-story apartment building where most of the residents worked in a nearby clothing factory.

According to the landlord, he and a tenant knocked on the door to the apartment, but no one answered. They kicked the door down and the smell that filled their nostrils almost made both of them faint dead away to the ground.

The dazed girl stood silently amid clutter and assorted body parts that were scattered across the floor and were later carried out of the apartment in boxes.

One neighbor reported that the male victim worked nearby, driving a licensed truck for shipping fabrics. An automobile accident forced him to quit his job and remain at home. The wife and he quarreled a great deal and it was common knowledge that they were headed for a divorce.

Two large fruit knives and a hammer are believed to be the murder weapons. The 18-year old daughter, Qi Ping, confessed to the crime, stating her motive was their impending divorce. According to news sources, the girl sat with the corpses for 4 days.

“I told my dad and mom to stop fighting, stop mentioning divorce, but mom was still nagging, nonstop. I picked up an old plastic bag and put it over her head, then tied up her hands behind her back so she could not move. After half an hour, I noticed she stopped breathing,” said the daughter in her own demented words.

She killed her father the same way, cut the corpses into pieces, placed them in large plastic bags and waited for the chance to dump them without being noticed.

The girl was very cooperative during the police interrogation and basically confessed to the crime, admitting that the thought of killing her parents had been in her head for a long time.

Most of the tenants living on the same floor where the crime was committed have moved out of the building as well as some from the lower floors.

How well do YOU really know YOUR neighbors?




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