When it comes to the question of how we treat our elders, there are different ideas and attitudes to be found all over the world. Some cultures – like the Japanese, for instance – emphasize the importance of respecting the elderly.

However, it probably doesn’t matter what culture you’re from if your elders look like Tsutomu Tosuka:

Japanese bodybuilder

Tosuka, a 74-year-old Japanese bodybuilder, has been actively working out since he was 40, and the admirable results are pretty obvious. At the recent 21st Japan Masters Bodybuilding Championships in Tokyo, Tosuka defeated many other surprisingly muscular septuagenarians to triumph in the “Over 70” category.

Japanese bodybuilder 2

“I love it when people approach me and say, ‘You look so young’ or ‘Wow sir, you sure look great,’” Tosuka explained, adding that looking young and great is “easy – anyone can stay young and healthy. Just exercise from time to time.”

Judging by his appearance, I think what Tosuka means by “from time to time” is probably more like “every single day.” Regardless of his exercise schedule, however, I doubt he has much of a problem winning respect with a body like that!

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