Finally, a good excuse to irately smash dishes against concrete walls – anger management!

Due to economic recession and rising unemployment, many workers in Tokyo have experienced built-up tensions and frustrations that are just begging for violent release. To offer a practical outlet for all this rage, a team of chiropractors dreamed up the idea of breaking dishes as a marketable form of stress-relief therapy.

The idea is simple: put a concrete slab in the back of a truck, sell crockery to stressed customers, provide them with protective gear, and then turn them loose inside the truck. Give the whole venture a name like “The Venting Place,” and you’re ready to go.

the venting place

“To break something, as all of us know from experience, is something extremely exhilarating and it helps bring down pent-up anger,” said Katsuya Hara, team leader of The Venting Place. “We hope to become the new way businessmen and women relieve their stress.”

So, is The Venting Place effective? It certainly was for 35-year-old salesman Masaki Ogaware.

“Life is pretty complicated and there are a lot of things to worry about right now, so this was refreshing,” he said. “I now feel like I can start afresh again tomorrow.”

Ah, the profound refreshment of hurling breakable dishes at a wall and watching them shatter into a hundred pieces! It doesn’t get any better.

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