Could it be true? Has Japan, the land of the eternally small—small homes, small cars, small people—decided to turn over a new leaf and venture into the world of bigness? Could a gargantuan creme caramel spell the end of Japan as we know it?

As if to spit in the eye of centuries of Japanese miniaturizing, the people at Takara Tomy have created the astounding Giga Pudding, a flan so large you have to make it in a bucket. Luckily, the bucket’s included.


Giga Pudding’s a cinch to make at home. Just follow the simple directions on the pail, and then remove every single thing from your teensy-weensy Japanese refrigerator so you can somehow wedge it in there. A few hours’ wait and presto!, creamy dessert for you and 19 of your closest friends.

You’d have thought they would go about it in steps. They could have started with a Kilo Pudding, for instance, then graduated to a Mega Pudding. But no—with this invention, Takara Tomy’s mad dessert scientists have propelled pudding directly to the Giga level, to a size larger than the average Japanese head.

Some observers believe this insult to tradition can only lead to trouble. Rumors are already circulating of Yakuza gangsters strong-arming their way into parties and scooping off the Giga Pudding’s sugary brown top for themselves. Some people will stop at nothing!




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