It may be akin to a mating call amongst animals but for humans, flashing a colorful butt equals free publicity. At least, that was why aspiring singer Asuka Sawamoto hoisted up her skirt and displayed her assets during a unofficial street gig in Akihabara in early 2008.


The upskirt event occurred on two different instances in March. On both occasions, Sawamoto attracted a curious crowd whilst singing before dazzling them with her lingerie choices.

She also danced provocatively for a bit to ensure that everyone got a 360 degree view of her nether regions.

The exhibitionist was finally led away by police officers.

Sawamoto’s aim in both these endeavors was to promote her live gigs in clubs.

In fact, after her freebie display in Akihabara, she attempted to sell tickets to the eager photographers. From amongst the massive crowd, only one person showed interest in the ticket.

Sawamoto is in fact well-known amongst certain segments of the internet users.


She made a name for herself by performing along with another equally controversial singer where they have tagged themselves as Monrrow Bitch.

Their popularity rises from their use of unconventional moves and skimpy attire.

Sawamoto has also tried other ways to capitalize on her tushie flashing capabilities.


Hence, fans can buy digital downloads of a photo compilation that features Sawamoto and her semi-naked self in various suggestive poses.

She has also attempted to expand her customer base by incorporating similar material into Idol DVDs.

Idol, or gravure idol, is the Japanese reference to a genre of aspiring models who achieve fame and fortune through suggestive skin peeks and other related erotic material.

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