Nothing spells ‘name fail’ better than a bad combination of product and company name. Stik Tahu by Poo is one such example.

This snack from Indonesia might mean finger-licking good in the local lingo but, in English, comes across as sticky pile of unmentionables from the loo.


Stiks are local variations of chips which can be conjured up using anything from tofu to bananas. Thus, ‘stik’ means ‘stick’ while tahu is the Indonesian word for tofu.

Apparently the Kediri region, with its famous Poo stores, is particularly well-known for ‘stiks’.  A few travelers cite Jl Yos Sudarso street, near Madu Center, as the hot spot for hot sizzling Poo stiks.

Here, the snacks come in various forms – packaged and ready to go as a travel souvenir or served fresh from the kitchen.

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