Computers are a huge part of today’s world, but let’s face it—too much time spent staring at a screen can turn your leisurely pursuits into a headache. To deal with this problem, a Japanese company is offering a product that should bring back the revitalizing inspiration your mind so desperately needs.

Introducing Thanko Rare Mono Shop’s USB Head Refresher:

USB head refresher

At first glance, it might look like nothing more than a toy robot spider, but it actually has a very practical application. The odd gadget’s vibrating, adjustable legs are designed to be placed on your head, neck, or shoulders for a calming, refreshing massage.

Just plug the USB cable into your computer, flip the switch, and get ready to feel rejuvenated!

USB moving pins

While the Head Refresher is specially designed to relieve the stress of operating a computer, you also have the option of popping in a couple double-A batteries and taking the spindly electronic masseuse anywhere you want—the gym, McDonald’s, the beach. You could even show it off the next time you go partying!

Well, at least that’s how Rare Mono Shop is pitching their device. The product description page quite confidently affirms the following: “There is no doubt that everybody will be interested in this little gadget. It will give your party a fun boost. You might become a center of the party.”

USB head refresher 2

I’m sure partygoers would express interest in this product, but the claim for increased popularity is debatable. Let’s face it—would you wear this thing to a party? I didn’t think so.

The Head Refresher’s price tag might seem a little high, but if you’re willing to drop 32 bucks, all the relaxing sensations of an electronic massage will be yours, and if you hang with the right crowds you could also enjoy some social status. Who knows, this thing could even help soothe a hangover in the morning!