An unusual pairing between Nestle Japan and Ito En has seen the release of a vegetable flavored confectionery called KitKat Enhancement Vegetables. Launched on 24th August, this strange snack offers apple-carrot flavored sap squashed between chocolate covered wafers.


This is not the first time weird ingredients have been mixed together for a chocolate snack.

In fact, Japan is well-known for its bizarre confectionery adaptations where the country has at least 81 types of Kit Kat available.

Some of these blends include the green tea flavored Maccha Milk Kit Kat and strong smelling Red Azuki Bean Kit Kat.

As the name suggests, the latter contains generous helpings of bean which is smothered in chocolate.

Until the invention of this carrot-apple experiment, the unofficial weirdest chocolate of the year award usually went to the Yubari Melon Kit Kat, a confectionery made of sticky melon pulp.

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